Super Bowl Party After School Event

Once a month my school has an after school event for students to just "hangout" with their friends. We don't have a best buddies program at our school (wish we did) so this is our way to get students together to hang out with friends and enjoy some typical high school experiences. (Note: our students are also encouraged to participate in other school activities such as dances and what not. These are smaller events in addition to those all-school events.)
This months event was Super Bowl / sports themed. We has crafts, games, and a snack. I added a green table runner that I drew yard lines on to look like a football field. I was feeling quite crafty with that! Not sure if any of the students even noticed, but it made me feel better.

First, students had options to play catch with friends or do a craft. I had printed off footballs and had students work on those during work skills, cutting them out, and punching the holes so students could lace their footballs. Then I printed off these Design a Helmet coloring sheets.
Football crafts
Football crafts - special education super bowl party
Super bowl theme special education event

Then we played a sports bingo game that I downloaded from Board Maker Share. I just changed a couple symbols because I'm assuming it was created in the UK and I didn't feel like explaining cricket or rugby! 

Sports bingo - special education
Then everyone got a cupcake to decorate and of course eat!! I had my math class make these cupcakes earlier, so they were nice and fresh.

Some students went a little overboard with the sugar and sprinkles, but hey, as long as they were having fun, right?
We ended the event with an awesome game of hot potato. Because when is a game of hot potato not amazingly awesome?! I used the Pandora station "today's hits" to get some age appropriate beats. (In case you didn't know, "beats" is the new cool way to say "tunes" or "music", that's what I learn from subbing during my plan period!)

It went really well and I'm excited for our next event!


  1. Hey, I've have nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you haven't already gotten / done this, check out my blog for all the details!

  2. So fun! I love the idea of the 'hangouts' and I love that you listen to today's hits lol!

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

    1. Haha I have to admit there was one song that I had to run over and skip...but I'm all about age appropriate stuff! :)

  3. I love this idea, Brie! Sounds like a great program and I bet your students have tons of fun :)



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