Behavior Puzzle for Special Ed Students

So how was your first week back everyone? It was an interesting one for me. I have a new student who just transferred to our school. He is one of the higher students in my class and feels like he doesn't belong. He also is not at all motivated to do anything and has spent most of the week putting his head down on his desk or outside of the classroom refusing to work. He had a behavior management plan at his previous classroom, but when I tried to use the same materials he ripped them up. So...time to come up with a new plan.

Right now the expectation is to participate in class (head up, answer questions, do work given). Those three forms of participation are listed on his daily communication sheet along with his class schedule, what he did in each class, and a place for a + or - for behavior. He will receive a + for behavior if he receives less than 3 warnings. Then the immediate reward for receiving a + (starting at the 5 minute bell and continuing through the passing period) could be 1)lifting weights in the fitness center for 5-10 minutes or 2)take a break walking the school or 3) something else he chooses.
Also, for each class that he has expected behavior he can also receive a piece of a puzzle, either an Xbox or a dollar – whatever the reward might be that he will receive at home (which will change so it will be interesting to see if he responds better to a certain one). There are 7 class periods, so 7 opportunities to earn a piece of the puzzle, and we are starting with just a 4 piece puzzle. Above you can see the example of the puzzle for the dollar reward. Below is the story for the Xbox puzzle:

I enjoy playing Xbox.
My parents will let me play Xbox if I have a good day at school.
I can earn a piece of my Xbox puzzle for each class period I am good.
I need to:
  • Keep my head up
  • Participate
  • Do my work
If I do those things I will earn a piece of the Xbox puzzle.
Once I have earned all of the pieces of my Xbox, I will be able to play my Xbox at home.
If you would like a copy of this story and puzzle to edit for yourself feel free to email me. I tried to upload it onto Goggle Docs but the format got all messed up. Also, feel free to ask questions if I made this confusing! :) Anyway, wish me luck with this one!

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