Super cool Velcro crossword puzzle

I can't believe I've been teaching for an entire quarter already! I really need to keep you all more updated on some fun things I've added to my special education classroom!

One of the most fun things I have added would be my changeable Velcro crossword puzzle. I could use this with any crossword puzzle, but have been doing it with weekly News-2-You articles. So are you ready to see how to make a reusable, moveable crossword puzzle? You better be because I'm going to show you anyway!
So, it's pretty awesome. What I did was made some squares the appropriate size for each crossword letter and printed them out on thick paper. Then I had them laminated. I love laminating's like Christmas when I get them back.
Anyway, then enter my other best friend Velcro. Rough side on the back (to stick to the wall divider) and soft side on the front of each piece. My classrooms aides were a great help here - it took a while!
Next, rough side Velcro pieces were added to the back of the letters (so that they stick to the soft side on the front of each piece and also the wall). I also added some blank squares for when we might run out of a letter.
Then, all you need to do is find a crossword puzzle and arrange your squares likewise. I pinned my crossword hints above the puzzle and highlighted the parts in the story where students can look back and find However, crossword puzzles don't have to be used with stories, they can also be done with vocabulary words or anything else you are studying!
Isn't that awesome! I also put Velcro on the back of a dry erase marker in case letters ever need to be added. Extra crossword spaces are also stored right on the wall as well!
And, see, it's easy to change around. See two that I've done so far below!

Another nice thing is that I can have my higher students complete the puzzle and lower students practice fine motor and ABC order/recognition by putting the letters back in place.

You should try it! I think you'll love it! Can be used to practice spelling words too.

Update: Now available for purchase here in my TpT store!


  1. Oh this is so cool! My boys would love this, thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so creative. I love reusable. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Whip It Up Wednesday. Hope you stop by for a visit.

  3. This idea is genius! I love it, love it so much that we are going to feature it on our blog tomorrow! Stop by and grab your featured button! See you there!

  4. Very fun, I'm sure your students love it.


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