"I Like Myself" Adapted Book with Symbol Support

Adapting books with symbols helps beginning or reluctant readers read more confidently because of the symbols that go along with the pictures! I use the Widgit Online software to create symbols for all my adapted books.

When I found this book, I knew it would be perfect to adapt! I love the message and feel like it is appropriate for all ages, my toddler loves it and I would have used this in my low incidence high school classroom as well.

How to adapt the book "I Like Myself"

To adapt this book for yourself, all you need is 

To make an almost indestructible adapted book:

Cut out the symbols and place them right over top of the words on the book. Then glue the sentence strips on, pull apart the pages of the book to then laminate and bind the book back together.

Quickest way to add Symbol Support: 

If I think the book will survive in normal book format ;) I will just put clear packing tape over the words to secure them to the pages! I have done books like this first, and if they are a little too well loved then I will take them apart and laminate them instead!

I Like Myself Adapted Book with Symbols

So there you have it! Let me know what your students think of this adapted book!

If you create and use this in your classroom I'd love to see and hear how it turns out! You can connect with me @BreezySpecialEd on all social media accounts! :)

Looking for more symbols to adapt books with? You can check out more here!

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