Why You should Incorporate Daily Questions in your Classroom

Incorporating errorless daily questions has been a game charger for hundreds of classrooms, not just mine. I got this email the other day from Erica and knew I had to share with you. How could daily questions change your classroom? You don't know until you try! And I'd bet you'd be surprised at just how many ways it will benefit the students in your classroom

"Last year I was looking to revamp my usual morning meeting routine and I stumbled across your daily questions on TpT. I cannot explain, nor be so grateful for, what this one resource did for my students.

Engagement, Independence, and Expressive Language

In a matter of weeks, their engagement, independence, and above all expressive language improved DRASTICALLY. I noticed how each of my students would participate without fear and even provide unprompted comments! The question of the day quickly became both mine and my students favorite part of the morning. I absolutely love the errorless learning aspect. I put such high expectations on my students everyday but this simple routine truly allows them to be themselves.

Jobs - Responsibility

Every student in my class has a job, which I rotate every 6 weeks, and the question of the day “interviewer” was the most coveted job! During morning meeting, the interviewer asks each student and each adult in the classroom the question of the day and then records it on a chart on the smart board. Some days, the speech therapist would come into my classroom even when it was not a part of her schedule just to take part during this awesome exercise. One day I mentioned to my assistant principal the benefits I was seeing in my students expressive communication, and she popped in to observe. She loved what she saw as well!


The most rewarding part of the entire experience was seeing my students generalize some of the language they heard and used during question of the day to other parts of the school day - especially in social settings like lunch, totally independently!
Why you should incorporate daily questions into your special education morning meeting.

Verbal and Communication Devices

Last year my class was a 6:1:1 ratio - 5 students with Autism and 1 student with Multiple Disabilities. There was a combination of verbal students as well as students communicating with AAC devices. I’m proud to say that 5 of them have been moved up to a less restrictive environment of an 8:1:1 this coming school year!

I attribute SO much of their success to the social gains they obtained by doing the question of the day. This school year, I look forward to continuing the question of the day (I already bought the 2nd pack!), and incorporating journaling as well."

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