Feeling Thankful for YOU + 50% off Products!

So, I love Thanksgiving. Absolutely love it. Some people jump right to Christmas, but I most definitely decorate for Thanksgiving. I love that this holiday is all about being thankful and setting time aside to appreciate what we have. I realize I have so much to be thankful for, but so much of it I often take for granted, don't we all? 
And of course, you can't forget about the PUMPKIN PIE! Oh, and the HAM! Turkey is fine and all...but ham is where it's at! ;)

This year I am especially thankful for all of you, my readers.  I'm completely serious, I want you to know that! Here's just a few specific examples of how thankful I have been of all of you lately.

1. Your Comments: I did my very first Facebook live video and was nervous to say the least. I got so many encouraging comments from you all and that meant so much to me! It makes me feel like I wasn't a complete fail even though I stumbled over my words more than a few times. Surprisingly enough, because of your comments, I think I'll continue to do more Facebook videos!

2. Your Feedback: I love checking my phone and reading feedback about how my products help you and your students. This feedback came in today, students asking for more work? WINNING!!

3. Our Relationships: I'm so thankful for the relationships that I have formed with some of you. (You know who you are!) I love getting your emails and comments on Instagram/Facebook. I love hearing what's going on in your classrooms, sharing ideas, and working together. It's the best feeling!

4. Your Pictures: When you share pictures of your students using my products in your classroom, I get warm fuzzies all over! Since I'm not in the classroom this year, seeing those pictures of my products being used by students is a huge motivator for me and helps me remember why I love blogging and TpTing.

As a special thank you to YOU, I've teamed up with a few of my favorite sped bloggers to offer you some amazing products at a 50% discount. (Psst, check back on Facebook/Instagram on Sunday for another surprise Thank You!)
I'm offering my set of 12 math books at 50% off, valued at $20, regularly discounted for $16, now only $8! These books are great for extra practice and pair perfectly with my life skill math packs!

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