Cooking Skills: Preparing a Thanksgiving Feast

One of my favorite parts about teaching life skills is cooking! It's a lot of fun, kids are usually motivated to cook, and it helps them become more successful young adults. Win, win, win!

Last year,  not only did we cook during class, but we also had an event with our Hangout Club where we prepared a Thanksgiving Feast with our buddies after school! Since this was an after school event, we were able to use the culinary lab, which meant I was able to have a lot more students cooking at once.

What was on the menu for our Thanksgiving Feast? Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and stuffing. And of course, some dessert!

Once we were ready to start preparing our feast, I let each student pair up with a buddy and find the entree they wanted to make. We used visual recipes.

Since a turkey takes a little bit longer to cook, I put those on in crockpots in the morning. (The football sized turkey breasts are perfect for this!)

I don't know if we had more fun cooking or eating! Will you make a Thanksgiving meal with your students this year?


  1. I was planning to do this this year for the first time, so thanks for the turkey tip. I just decided last week though that we're going to have a "feast," but a feast of their favorite foods. I sent a not home asking each parent what their child's favorite dish is, and not one response yet. I was hoping to make it a surprise. But after no responses in one week, I plan to get responses from my students tomorrow. This could be an interesting meal!!! LOL.

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