June Currently ~ Oh, hello there summer!

Friday was our last day of school for the year!! I was so excited this morning to sleep in an extra couple of hours. Now I am determined to be productive these next few days, because as you read above, Extended School Year starts in just 8 days! But ESY is still a bit of a break because we don't have school on Mondays or Fridays, which will be very nice.

Today I'm just doing laundry and some things around the house, like maybe tackling the job of organizing my desk and closet - yikes! Tomorrow, I plan on starting my kitchen table. We bought it over a year ago with the plan to refinish it as it really isn't in nice condition...but it's going to be a big job. Wish me luck!

Anyone else gardening this year? I have a little potted garden in my background and I'm growing strawberries, broccoli, and basil. I might add a few more things, we'll see but it's been watch watching them grow and I've already eaten a few of my strawberries which were DELICIOUS!

I'm excited for lots of fun things this summer :) My sister is getting married on the 21st of June so that will be a fun adventure! I'm proctoring the ACT in a couple of weeks, haha, okay I guess I wouldn't really classify that as fun. But we have other fun things planned, like going to Mexico with my husband's family, spending a weekend up north Wisconsin with friends, going to a water park, and other enjoyable summer activities!

What are your plans for summer? Has your summer begun yet?


  1. I love your summer bucket list! Every summer I get really awesome at meal planning, and then the school year starts and it goes down the drain again. I wish you luck!

  2. What a fun summer you have ahead of you! I wish I knew where to start with gardening... unfortunately I don't have much of a green thumb. BUT... meal planning I can help with!

    http://www.thefresh20.com/ is a fantastic resource for healthy meal plans and grocery list that are guaranteed to be less than $80.00 for ingredients that work together every week. It's a cool program. Lots of different diet "styles" to pick from, too! You still do the cooking and shopping, but they just plan it out for you. It was pretty cheap for me to subscribe.

    1. Thanks for the idea Nicole! I'll have to check that out!

  3. Sounds like you will have a busy, but fun summer break planned! I love gardening too! Although I have an apt.,I still plant on my deck...basil, lavender, oregano, rosemary, tomatoes, and of course flowers! I love it! Anyways, so glad I found your blog through the link up! Good luck with the kitchen table and enjoy your summer break!

    Bits of First Grade

  4. Mondays and Fridays OFF!!! I love it! Our ESY is only 4 hours a day M-F, I wouldn't mind at all working extra hours the other days and getting 3 or 4 day weekends. How many hours do you do in the 3 days? Sounds really nice!

    1. 4 hours a day sounds pretty nice too! But I won't lie, it's super nice only working 3 days a week, like I could get used to this! We go for about 6 hours a day.

  5. Hey Brie! I am wanting my strawberries to grow as well! We have them in our garden and everyday I go and check on them to make sure the bees are working their magic! I told my little one that as soon as they grow I will be letting her try them!




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