Handmade Heart Art - Mothers Day Gifts

This year I wanted to have my students make something (mostly independently) for Mothers Day...but also wanted it to something nice...and not look like a kid made it!

I pinned some great ideas on my Pinterest fine arts board, and ended up with the heart art canvas idea (but we used paper since canvases aren't really in the budget.)

My students first painted a piece of construction paper with colors of their choice. When that dried, each student cut out hearts using a heart punch.

I made 9 dots on a piece of 12x12 paper, forming a 3x3 grid. Students then took their hearts, folded them in half, and put glue on the folded edges. Then they glued it on a dot. The final touch was to sign their name at the bottom.

Easy and they look great too! I just hope they made it home okay. Maybe parents will put it in a frame to enjoy!


  1. Those look fantastic, Brie! I'm sure your students' moms will love them!


  2. Very cute! I feel like I'm always lacking in the arts and crafts department! We just made little cards with nothing real fancy on them. Those were very cute!


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