Environmental Print - Fast Food Month!

I seriously have a love/hate relationship with my job right now. Anyone else know what I mean?

It's been so much fun planning new lessons/activities/centers/etc for my students and learning new kids and their learning styles and needs. But then there's the behaviors I'm trying to figure out, the aides I'm trying to organize/lead, and the paperwork. Ugh. But blogging about the fun stuff helps me keep a positive attitude and remember why I love teaching.

Onto some fun things - I am planning on doing one community trip a month with my students this year. And this month's field (at the end of the month) will be to a fast food restaurant. So this month's theme is going to be all about fast food. To start us off, I made an environmental print book all about fast food restaurants!
Each page has the predictable text, "I can eat at _____________" and then the restaurant on the page. This makes sure even my non-readers can read.
 Also, each page has adapted pieces that the student can match while reading the book. This helps aid in comprehension and gives the student something concrete to do while reading.
I also created a variety of worksheets including matching the logo, writing the words, finding all of one logo, etc. I hope to start using the worksheets next week and then move onto some menu options at each restaurant. My thought is to have my students choose what restaurant we will go to, so I'm curious to see which one they will pick.

Let me know if you have or know of any other fast food resources I could use this month!
Oh, and you can get this Fast Food book and worksheets on my TPT store :)


  1. I SO feel your love/hate!!! I LOVE my kiddos. . . I HATE the hours and hours and hours of work that are required to get the schedule in place, the para's trained, and the kids figured out!
    Good luck, and thanks for the great resource! Can't wait to purchase it and use with my kiddos!

    1. Yes! Exactly. It is so good to hear I'm not alone :) I love my teacher blogging community :)

  2. I love this! I too am having a difficult time so far this year. A new student that I feel I don't have the skills to help him adjust. I am hoping it gets better. I am not sure how many more days like today I can have. And the paper work, ugh!! I think I can, I think I can!! Hope it gets butter for you soon.


    1. Thanks Karen! Like I mentioned above - it is so nice to know I'm not the only one who is struggling, all of the other teachers in my program seem to have it together...
      Good luck! I'm sure it's just one of those things where you have to just keep trying different things and eventually something will work (I need to tell myself this too), hope you figure it out soon :)


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