May Currently and My Puppy (and TPT sale)!!!

 So, can you tell what's on my mind? It's definitely not school! :) I tried to not make this currently all about my new dog, but I just love her so much and think about her a lot! We recused her from a shelter on Friday and she is just the cutest thing ever. We named her Oreo. She is two years old, is so playful and loving, house trained, and such a fun dog! However, on Saturday (one day after we got her) she started coughing real bad and we found out she has a kennel cough. We got antibiotics for her, but she's been coughing so bad she has thrown up and today when I got home she coughed up blood. It gets really bad when she gets I just hope she gets better soon. Read more about her and see pictures on my post here.

My kiddos are getting so smart and I want to find more functional math materials for them...ideally before school ends so I'm not constantly thinking about it all summer and can go into the year a little bit more prepared. 

For my summer bucket list...I really need to learn how to cook better. Especially easier things that I can make while I'm working. Too often we eat pizza for dinner so I'd like to get some other simple staple dinner ideas to add into our rotation! 
And, I would just like to get in better shape and just be healthier. I plan on talking Oreo for a lot of long walks this summer so that will help. Plus, right now I have been walking to school which has been great!
Then I just want to do more things around the house. Some boring, like put in attic fans, but others more exciting like decorating and maybe making a tuffed headboard for our bed!

So, I know I'm late with this month's currently, but if you haven't done yours yet, there's still time! :) Head over to Farley's to add your link!!

Happy last month of school everyone! And be sure to check out my products for sale on TPT on May 7 and 8 - for a total of 28% off! Don't forget to use the promo code TAD13.


  1. Hi, found your blog through Currently! I'm a FACS teacher, and this year during first semester I taught a class for the multiple handicapped kids in the special ed program at our school - pretty darn challenging for someone with no qualifications! Learned a lot, hoping to do better by them next year. Hope you have a great last month!

  2. Your summer list sounds similar to mine! I am new to blogging and to TPT, so I'd like to get those 2 things organized. After this week, students have 2 more days and I have 4 more days. I love your blog and I'm glad I found you!

    I am also a special education teacher. You may follow me at

  3. I am a special ed teacher too, and love your blog! Laura


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