After School Event: Open Gym

This month our after school event was an open gym and the students loved it! We had a lot of special education students attend, as well as students throughout the building who stopped in for a little bit.

Our more athletic students enjoyed playing games just as basketball, football, etc. They pretty much just grabbed a ball and went for it.

Activities for our more un-athletic students (and myself) included:
  • ladder golf
  • scooter boards (great for those in wheelchairs too. we snapped a bunch together and had a student lay on top of them and slid her around!)
  • parachute games (seriously, you can never be too old for some parachute fun!)
  • horseshoes (they were foam)
  • foam noodles
  • music for dancing (turned to a "today's hits" station) 
  • watching the boys warm up for their water polo game...haha! We were above the pool and could see through the glass window. Some girls seemed to really enjoy this activity...
Pretty much all students continue to participate and hang out with friends for the entire hour and half. It was a success and a fun time for all! Yay! Sorry, no pictures this time as I forgot my camera and phone!


  1. Thanks for sharing the after school game ideas. I have played darts with my students using a larger velcro dartboard before and that was a hit. Please check out my blog when you have time @ ElementarySpecialEducation.Org

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