The Bald Eagle - USA symbols & TPT sale!

Back in October I started teaching United States symbols to my US History class. One of the first ones we did (after the flag) was the bald eagle.
I planned a week of lessons for this little mini-unit. About 3 of these days we used materials that I created using the Writing with Symbols software. I love using Writing with Symbols, because my students who can't read can still feel like they know what is going on, and can circle the key words pictures along with the rest of the class. Even the students who can read benefit from the visuals that go along with the story.
This Bald Eagle mini-unit with all of the ideas I used plus the Writing with Symbols materials is in my TPT store for $2.50. For the rest of this week (through 12/21/12) I will have it marked down to only ONE DOLLAR!! I would love for you to be my first customer and I hope you LOVE this Bald Eagle mini-unit.
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My students all had fun with it and the parents thought the mini stories were really cool too and many read them at home as well, score!

I have WWS mini units on the Liberty Bell and Statue of Liberty for sale as well. I also have American symbols (just regular clip art) flash cards, powerpoint, and "I have, who has" game all for FREE on my TPT store!

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