The Thumbtack Thief

Now for a very special teaching moment of the week brought to you by Breezy Pink Daisies :)

It was brought to my attention that a (green) thumbtack was placed right on the bench by a certain student's locker, let's call him Evan, who another student often likes to tease. Now, this would be a pretty serious matter, placing a thumbtack so that someone would sit on it, so I wanted to get to the bottom of this.
Evan sometimes collects colorful classroom treasures, so I talked with him first.

Me: Evan, did you take a thumbtack from my room to PE class?
Evan: NOooo!!!

Me: Hm, okay. What color was the thumbtack you took from my room?
Evan: It. Was. green.



  1. That is awesome!
    I teach in a 6th-8th grade special education room, and I'm getting married this I added your blog to my google reader!

    1. Yay! So glad to have you as a reader! Let me know if you have any questions wedding related! :) Or school related too! :)

      Do you have a blog? I can't find your email or blogger profile?


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