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So this morning I went on a mission to buy crates, ect. to help organize my books and other materials in my classroom. I hit the JACKPOT at Wal-mart!

They have tons of cardboard boxes from the school supplies that are PERFECT for what I was looking for! I talked to an employee, and she said yes, I could take any of the empty boxes, so I quickly set on filling up my cart! Then a manager walked by, I totally pretended like it was totally normal that I was filling my cart with all these empty boxes...and then he stopped to talk to me. Uh, I didn't quite know what he was going to say, but just started chatting with him and he told me that if I wanted any other boxes, I could empty anything that was in them! WHAT? What a nice man! I was very excited and it helped organize a lot of things...and the best part, I paid nothing! And if you wanted to, you could make these super cute with spray paint, scrapbook paper and other fun supplies but I'm just currently going for functional.

Here's them in my classroom so far. I was really excited to use them to organize my books...check it out!

I have just labeled them with a sharpie, and later added pictures. In case you're curious and can't see from the picture labels include "fables, Disney, science, plants and animals, arthur & more, seasons & holidays, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, and Other Good Ones" :)

Here's a view from the side. I like how you can pull out the box and flip through to see all the covers easily.
Here you can see a little bit of my classroom and how I used a few more boxes to organize! You can see some of the orange/yellow ones up in the shelves and two more holding all my books for Language Arts and Math. It makes it look a lot cleaner. (And yes, I know, it's still messy looking now, but I'm just starting)

What do you think? Will you be heading to Wal-mart for your own super easy DIY organizers? Can you even call it DIY when you really don't have to "do" much?! :)


  1. Loved seeing pics of your classroom! Nicely done with the FREE boxes! Looks great!!!

  2. FREE! That is awesome. I'm inspired to go head to my local Wal-Mart right now and see if I can score some. Thanks for the tip! I found your blog through the tip junkie link party!

    Brie from

  3. I just love good finds like this. Isn't it amazing as a teacher how excited we get when we get free things for our classroom? What a great find and like you said, a great way to organize your books. I will be keeping my eyes open for these boxes when I stop by Walmart next.

  4. A good idea. thanks for sharing. Mine is up.

  5. Oh how cute!!! I always thought that would be a lot of fun, organizing a classroom. It is looking great so far.

  6. love that you were able to reuse something they would just recycle!! you'll have to post pics when you get the labels done! what grade do you teach?

    thanks for sharing this at my tip-toe thru tuesday party! hope to see you again this week!


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