SPED Tricks and Treats (aka awesome ideas and FREEBIE!!)

Happy Halloween! I'm enjoying spending time with my little dinosaur :) and am excited to join this blog hop to bring you some sped tricks and treats just in time for Halloween. Be sure to keep reading because you can grab a nice treat for FREE!

(This little cutie is one month old already and is already 11 pounds!)

All special education teachers have many tricks up their sleeves. Here's a few of my favorites...
Did someone accidentally use a permanent marker on your dry erase board? Draw over it with a dry erase marker and it will come right off!!

Need to get something laminated but don't have time? Have a student who tears up every paper you give them? Or maybe drools on or tears up worksheets? Use a clearboard! 
I use these for certain students when we play Bingo (I've learned it's not worth it to laminate all of those). I also use these for seasonal worksheets that I want students to practice on over and over again...but don't want to laminate. 
Some people have been able to find these at their Dollar Tree! Of course, Lakeshore Learning will have them. Or you can buy 10 for $12.99 on Amazon!

Have a skill you want your students to work on? Are they sick of worksheets and direct instruction? I don't know why exactly, but all of my students LOVE file folders! They don't seem to think they are real work and enjoy playing file folder "games"! Trick them into learning! Haha. You can tell I love file folders because I have a wide variety of file folders that trick my students into practicing their life skills here on TpT

Here's one file folders from my best selling Grocery Store File Folder Pack that works on product matching and size sorting. Or, if you want to use with a lower level student, just focus on their being able to match the products. Click the graphic below to get this file folder for free!

Still looking for some fun instruction for Halloween? My students have been loving these Halloween journals and math packs!

Check out what A Special Kind of Class has to offer by clicking on the blog button below!

Differentiated Journals for ALL Beginning Writers

This year I started using errorless journal writing in my classroom in order to help all of my students journal their thoughts. It is important to me that my students aren't just copying sentences, but rather are sharing their own thoughts and ideas. If your students are anything like mine, you know getting them to express their thoughts can be difficult! Either they don't have the language to do so, or they are so focused on getting the right answer that they don't know what to choose. These journals help ALL of my students express their thoughts errorlessly.

Differeniated Writing Center for special education - errorless journal writing

These journals are completed daily in the journal station in my classroom. When journal is on my students' schedules, they go to the back table, get out their work binder and the journal binder. My students or staff will turn to the correct page to display the classroom sample, and students will turn to their journal page in their binder. The same classroom sample is used for all three levels, so this can easily be done at the same time with students of varying levels or even a whole class activity. The classroom sample provides a picture, title, and four simple sentence starters with three *errorless* options to finish each sentence. 

Level 1 students "Non-writers" can color in the picture, trace the title, and cut and paste symbols (with or without aide support) to complete the sentence with their thoughts. 

Students should color picture based on example (selecting the right color and making a mark on the paper is completely acceptable. Independence, not perfection, is what we are working toward here) and trace the title of the story to the best of their ability. Students will read each sentence with their staff member and/or use their device or voice to speak each sentence. Student will choose from two picture options cut from the bottom of the page (can be errorless depending on pictures staff wants to give as options) to then paste to complete the sentence.

Level 2 students "Tracers" can color in the picture, draw their own, trace the title and sentence starters and finish the thought by circling and/or writing one of the 3 choices (from the classroom sample) on their paper.  

I have included 2 tracing options, one dotted and one solid gray font so you can pick which one works best for each student at this level. The picture is in black and white for students to color and then a box for them to draw their own pictures. It does not have to be perfect! (Ex. A rectangle for a pool, a circle for a sun. For a lot of our students at this level, drawing skills are also emerging) Sentences starters are in a tracing font and includes word choices on the journal so that students can circle and copy the one word to complete each sentence.

One page with all of the picture choices is available for students who need the additional visuals with their choices

Level 3 students "Writers" have a blank journal where they draw and color the picture on their own, copy the sentence starters from the classroom sample, and also complete the sentence with the choice on the classroom sample (or cover up the choices and have them complete the thoughts on their own!)
For my students who are still learning to space their words, I draw lines on each line for each word.

I love hearing how others are using this journals in their classes! Here's what a few people have been saying after they have used these in their classes.

Lindsey says "I bought the school supply set to start the year and I just had to splurge on the rest. I LOVE these journals. Great way to differentiate for my kids, we use all three levels in my class. At the end of our journal writing, each student comes up to present their entry and we work on sharing our work, listening and complimenting. Thank you for a great product!"

The Differentiated Teacher says "I love these. Most of my students are non-writers and I have not had the time to create materials myself. Thanks for such a great product!"

Teaching is a Royal Adventure says "My students were begging for more after we finished this pack so I had to buy the bundle. Thank you for such a fabulous resource!"

Mary says "This bundled set of differentiated journals is perfect for my classroom. All of my students are able to complete the same topic with success! Thank you so much for creating and sharing your products!"

Interested in these journals? They are available by topics here. Topics include holidays, such as Halloween and other fun or educational topics such as food or community workers. If you want to save some money and get all of your journals for the the entire year, you can get ALL of the journals in order to get you through the entire 180 day school year HERE.

Just a quick post to say...

I had my baby!!!
Gavin James was born on September 23rd, weighing 8 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches. Everyone is doing fabulous! He's perfect and we love him to pieces!!!

Don't worry, I'll still be around but for now, I'm enjoying just being a mommy and lots of baby snuggles!

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